Meet Our Counselors - Conozcan A Nuestras Consejeras

Ms. Franco, M.A., NCC 
Primary Counselor



Ms. Guerra, M.A. 
Intermediate Counselor 



Ms. Kendall, M.A.





What services does the counselor provide?
Elementary School Counselors provide preventive and intervention services, which are integrated into all aspects of children’s lives. Counselors provide appropriate tools for communicating, making decisions, and developing friendships and coping skills. Counselors provide services by developing and delivering classroom presentations that teach skills for achieving success, facilitating small group counseling, providing immediate short-term counseling when needed, and providing support during personal crisis. In addition, School Counselors work collaboratively with parents to connect them to community resources if needed and to help their student succeed in their academic, career, personal and social development.

Why would my child see you? 
Students may be referred to the school counselor if there are concerns that are inhibiting their learning here at school. Some concerns, may include, but are not limited to: behavioral difficulties, social/emotional concerns, conflict with peers, attendance concerns and academic concerns.

How does my student get referred to the counselor?
Students can see their Elementary School Counselors via self-referral, parental request, request of an off-campus counselor, administrative referral, and/or teacher or staff referral. Parental referral forms are available by phone or through email.

How do parents contact the counselor?
Parents are invited to contact the school counselor at any time via phone or email regarding their child. We can discuss your concerns over the phone or you can come in to meet with us. Parents are welcome to call or email the School Counselors to set-up a conference.

For how long does the school counselor see the student?
Sessions may be held on a regular, ongoing basis or simply as needed. The counselor's priority is for the student to succeed here at school and to do so the student must be in his/her classroom as much as possible. Therefore the counselor will not remove the student from his/her class for extended periods of time unless absolutely necessary.

If a student is getting outside services, what is the school counselor’s role?
The school counselor can collaborate with the outside service providers if needed. There is a form that the school counselor might give you titled "Consent for Release of Information" which will allow communication between providers. 

Will you notify me if you spoke to my child?
Parents are notified at the discretion of the counselor. If a counselor will be seeing a student on an on-going basis, the counselor will then notify the parent and seek parental consent for school counseling.